Sign Language Interpreting Ethical Dilemma

A professional interpreter shares about their sign language interpreting ethical dilemma in a K-12 setting. Consider similar ethical situations.

Sign Language Interpreter Pregnancy and Childcare Stories

A few from the MT&A team shared sign language interpreter pregnancy and childcare stories to help us better understand the support we can provide our team.

Deaf and Hearing Couple: How My Perspective on Life Changed

As a Deaf and hearing couple, adaptations must be made to communication and technology in daily interactions. Candace Woodside offers some personal advice.

hearing parent communication through touch

Hearing Parents: Teaching Your Deaf Child Communication

Hearing parents have the responsibility of choosing communication for their Deaf child. It can be intimidating, but most important is language access.

Medical Manager Decisions

Medical manager decisions regarding hiring sign language interpreters impact the Deaf or hard of hearing patient’s experience. Consider the risks!

MT&A Resources Blog

MT&A strives to provide exceptional sign language interpreting services.  A big part of those services are creating resources for the Deaf and hard of hearing, interpreting, and business communities.  Find specific articles in our blog by using the search bar or clicking a category on the menu bar.  You may also subscribe to our blog or request an EBook about sign language interpreting services for businesses.


Non-Binary People: How to Be Supportive

Non-Binary People: How to Be Supportive

Non-binary people are just like you and me. They want be understood as human. Consider the terminology you use to idenitfy someone and show them respect.



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Hearing loss can affect your every day life and for this veteran his struggle to hear was no different...until a se…
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