Insurance protects you

Professional Liability: What is that for, and why do I need it?

Find out more about the benefits of Professional Liability insurance. Protect yourself and your family from potentially costly mistakes.

Deaf Blind Man of Color Sitting

An Introduction to The Deaf/Blind Community

Do you know anyone who is Deaf-Blind? How can you interact with them? Find out more in this blog.

People of various racial background supporting each other.

Being a Better Interpreter and a Better Human – Empathy and Prejudice

Racism. Ableism. Prejudice. Privilege. Black Lives Matter. Empathy is the key to understanding people of all kinds. Find out more in this blog.

New Interpreter Team

7 Tips for New Interpreters

Welcome to the field! We are so excited to have you join the team. As a new interpreter you have a lot to learn. Experienced interpreters gave us these 7 tips so you can get your career off to a great start.

Tips for Interpreting in a Home Office Space

A rapidly increasing number of Americans are working from home, which means we need more Interpreters working out of home offices. Whether this is short term or long term, one should look at making that office as ergonomic and mindful as possible.

MT&A Resources Blog

MT&A strives to provide exceptional sign language interpreting services.  A big part of those services are creating resources for the Deaf and hard of hearing, interpreting, and business communities.  Find specific articles in our blog by using the search bar or clicking a category on the menu bar.  You may also subscribe to our blog or request an EBook about sign language interpreting services for businesses.



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- April 14, 2021

Insight into Diversity highlights 5 role models for Deaf Awareness Month. Check it out 🙂
h J R

- April 12, 2021

Are you an Independent Contractor? Check out our blog on Professional Liability and why you might need it 🙂
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- April 9, 2021

Calling all Interpreters!! Join us for our workshop "Assertive or Aggressive Language: Do You Know the Difference? "Local ITP students that attend will be entered to win monetary support from the proceeds for interpreter certification testing!
h J R

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