Sign Language Interpreter CEU Annual Renewal

Sign Language Interpreters must consider their CEU annual renewal for their certification and license in Missouri so they are compliant with requirements.

Hire Medical Sign Language Interpreters

Medical managers have the responsibility to hire medical sign language interpreters for Deaf/Hard of Hearing patients. WHY and HOW is the selection made?

Power Positions with Diversity: What Does Different Really Mean?

Power Positions with diversity can be a scary topic. In a position of authority, how do you treat someone different than you?

Sign Language Interpreting for Domestic Violence Situations

Providing sign language interpreting for domestic violence situations is challenging. Be as educated as you can be to help raise awareness.

State Legislation: Hearing Impaired versus Deaf

Many state regulations have considered the differences between the terms Hearing Impaired versus Deaf. Find out if your state has accepted “Deaf” and why.

MT&A Resources Blog

MT&A strives to provide exceptional sign language interpreting services.  A big part of those services are creating resources for the Deaf and hard of hearing, interpreting, and business communities.  Find specific articles in our blog by using the search bar or clicking a category on the menu bar.  You may also subscribe to our blog or request an EBook about sign language interpreting services for businesses.




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