cochlear implant stories

Cochlear Implant Stories from Real People

Consider these cochlear implant stories from real people. Though controversial, everyone must develop their own understanding of the impacts of a CI.

language deprivation

Language Deprivation: Deaf Versus Hearing Children

Language deprivation affects Deaf children when they do not have access to language during the critical early years of life. What options are there?

language acquisition

Language Acquisition: Deaf Versus Hearing Children

Language acquisition for Deaf or Hearing children is critical to brain and social development. Whether learning English or ASL, language is important.

Resources for Hiring Employees with Disabilities

Resources for Hiring Employees with Disabilities

Find resources for hiring employees with disabilities to know the law as well as benefits. Be ready when an interviewee or employee needs an accommodation.

Sign Language Interpreting Ethical Dilemma

A professional interpreter shares about their sign language interpreting ethical dilemma in a K-12 setting. Consider similar ethical situations.

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