Black and White Hands

Zoom In: Pronoun etiquette for virtual spaces and beyond

Zoom has became a part of our daily life. How can you have proper pronoun etiquette while using it? Find out more in this guest blog.

two gears coming together

Why Does This Assignment Need Two Interpreters?

Have you ever wondered why we provide you with 2 interpreters instead of one? Learn why it’s beneficial for all parties involved.

Insurance protects you

Professional Liability: What is that for, and why do I need it?

Find out more about the benefits of Professional Liability insurance. Protect yourself and your family from potentially costly mistakes.

Deaf Blind Man of Color Sitting

An Introduction to The Deaf/Blind Community

Do you know anyone who is Deaf-Blind? How can you interact with them? Find out more in this blog.

People of various racial background supporting each other.

Being a Better Interpreter and a Better Human – Empathy and Prejudice

Racism. Ableism. Prejudice. Privilege. Black Lives Matter. Empathy is the key to understanding people of all kinds. Find out more in this blog.

MT&A Resources Blog

MT&A strives to provide exceptional sign language interpreting services.  A big part of those services are creating resources for the Deaf and hard of hearing, interpreting, and business communities.  Find specific articles in our blog by using the search bar or clicking a category on the menu bar.  You may also subscribe to our blog or request an EBook about sign language interpreting services for businesses.



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- June 11, 2021

Friday Fun Fact! The Smurf’s spoke in Sign Language Well, believe it or not, The Smurf’s was the first animated show to have a character use Sign Language. “Smurfing In Sign Language” is the episode that introduced the wood-elf Laconia.
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- June 9, 2021

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