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Have you ever wished your baby had a way to tell you what they wanted? With Baby Sign Language they can! Reserve your space in an upcoming class now!

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Get a head start. Learn Baby Sign Language before your little one arrives. Research shows that baby’s with exposure from them time they are born are more likely to start communicating with you in sign by 6 months. 

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Understanding Your Baby

You don’t have to wait until your baby is ready to speak to communicate with them. Through repitition you can better understand your baby’s wants and needs as well as support their cognative development.


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“Reduced Frustration and It’s fun!”

I used baby sign language with my children and I truly believe it helped me to understand the needs of my babies. It helped reduce the frustration of not knowing what they wanted or needed. And to top it off, it’s fun!

St. Charles Mom of 3

I like to do sign language with my brother because it’s fun and I like being able to talk with him. I also like to help Mom teach him. I like to teach him about food and animals. My favorite is elephant


St. Louis Big Sister

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