The How-to of Video Remote Interpreting Services

-Authored by Roberta Piper

VRI, Video Remote Interpreting, is a great alternative when in-person or on-site interpreting services are unavailable or unsafe. Technology can be used to provide these services and be a great solution for your interpreting needs.

Providing Safety and Access
Providing access to communication ensures Deaf consumers obtain valuable information which can reduce putting them at risk. When on-site interpreting services cannot be used, many consumers consider alternate options for services such as VRI. If you feel that VRI won’t work for you, reach out to us and let us review your current situation so that we might assist you with what might work for your business/situation.

Video Remote Interpreting How To

How to Use VRI and What You’ll Need: 

  • Video Conferencing Software– There are many conferencing platforms available. Some of the more commonly used ones are WebEx, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams. Some are free to use, while others offer paid services with a broader range of benefits. With a little research, you will quickly find one to match your needs. For instance, because WebEx is a HIPPA compliant platform, it is used by many medical professionals.
  • High-Speed Internet connection– It is imperative that you use high-speed internet access for a smooth VRI experience. WI-FI services can be sufficient but hardwiring directly into an ethernet cable is the best option. You can readily check the speed of your internet here. It is recommended that your internet perform at a rate of at least 1.5 mbps up/down.
  • Computer– You will need a laptop, desktop, or tablet equipped with a camera in order to make use of VRI services. You can boost your video quality by investing in an external webcam as well.
  • Certified Interpreter– Remember VRI and VRS services are different. Using Video Relay Services (VRS) in place of VRI or on-site interpreting services s against Federal law, and you could be subject to legal action and heavy fines. Click here to learn more about VRS.

Resources and How-To Get Started
For a refresher on what Video Remote Interpreting is and some of the possible challenges, please click here.  And as a reminder, on-site interpreting services are always more effective, but having no services is worse. To set up on-site interpreting, VRI, or alternative services, please contact us ASAP at or 314-896-0275.  If you need more online Resources our website has several other blogs to assist any business.


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