Cochlear Implant Stories from Real People

~ Authored by Candace Woodside

We often hear that cochlear implants (CI) are very controversial and there are a wide variety of opinions on this topic.  But is there a right or wrong answer?  Here are some personal cochlear implant stories from Deaf people who did not mind sharing their true intimate thoughts, feelings, and struggles with us.

Positive CI Experiences

cochlear implant storiesOne woman considered a CI for herself, because she had seen the success of her children’s cochlear implant stories and how they greatly benefited from them.  She noticed that her own hearing aids did not suffice for her anymore and wanted the same opportunities as her children.  This was an easy decision for her due to the constant frustration in communication.  This Deaf mom felt like it was the right thing to do and does not regret her decision.  Her and her husband as well as both of their children have CIs.  She says, “I definitely wanted them to feel like the kids were like us and not different than us!”  She also exclaimed, “I wish I had gotten mine sooner!”

A second Deaf mom states that she was curious what sounds would be like for her after she watched her son have a successful CI journey.  She spoke about her journey, “I did not expect to be ‘hearing’ at all.  I was amazed what I could hear: rain drops, water running from a faucet, turning a page of a book, and the crumbling of a plastic bag.  I never heard those sounds with my hearing aids!”  She continued with how nice it was to know the volume level of her voice when talking to her hearing family members.  She educates everyone she speaks with by saying, “I remind people that a CI is a tool that deaf individuals benefit from that helps us interact with the hearing world, and that the CI does not replace our true identity of who we are and where I came from.”

Discern for Yourself

Not all such experiences are as these women’s.  It is good to recognize the variances in cochlear implant stories and weigh all the considerations carefully before coming to a conclusion yourself.


Disclaimer: We remain neutral about the topic of cochlear implants.  There are varying perspectives in the Deaf Community and opinions are determined by each individual.


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