Resources to Learn American Sign Language

Do you work with Deaf patients on a regular basis?  Do you have Deaf coworkers?  Perhaps you find yourself in situations where you wish you knew some sign language, but you just don’t have the tools.  Let MT&A help you out!


There are multiple reasons to learn American Sign Language.  The video above describes practical uses of a visual language, but most importantly you can communicate with Deaf people you may run into on your job, in your family, or simply out in the community!


There are several different avenues you can take to learn American Sign Language.  NOTE: As with other languages, ASL grammar depends on region, demographic, and other factors.  Signs may vary.

  1. Classes
  1. Online Videos
  1. Other Online Resources


learn american sign language

Things to Keep in Mind

MT&A does not endorse any of the above resources as “the best” or “highly recommended.”  Examine your reason and goal to learn American Sign Language, and then ask the advice of an expert who can recommend the best option for you.  We DO endorse spending time in the Deaf Community and learning from someone who uses ASL as their first language.  Being immersed is always the prime way to learn a language.  This way you will pick it up naturally and could become fluent more quickly.  Good luck and have fun!  Learn American Sign Language to enrich your life.


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