Employers Empowering Deaf Employees

Sign Language Interpreters and other forms of equal communication access are valuable to the full integration of Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees in their place of work.  Many employers are afraid or don’t know how to approach someone who cannot hear or has limited hearing.  Because of this, they often avoid them altogether.  But a reputable sign language interpreting company can guarantee quality communication with the purpose of empowering Deaf employees with independence. Employers Empowering Deaf Employees

Often the Deaf population is avoided since they appear “difficult to communicate with.”  But skills and innovation is lost because of this.  Instead, employers and recruiters, ask your Deaf associates how you can give them a voice in the work place so that you can mine the skills of those you hire with respect and intentionality.

Personal Story from Mike

Mike Dubois, a local resident of the Deaf Community in St. Louis, shares his experience working with a company that learned how to provide sign language interpreters by empowering Deaf employees.  Language was the window to opportunity for both the company’s business and Mike’s career.


Consider the importance of including your Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees for the sake of building your reputation as a business.  Hire certified qualified sign language interpreters to truly engage.  If you are an employee yourself, consider how you can encourage diversity in your workplace.  Or perhaps you are Deaf yourself and need more information on how to request a sign language interpreter.  Our resources offer a vast array of answers, or feel free to contact us with any additional questions.


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