Local Small Business Bloopers and Fun Moments


Fenton Family Dentistry

Jessica: 5, 6, 7, 8!

Route 66 Promotions

Lee: This is Thomas Otto-Bruc…  Mm!

Lee: This is Thomas Otto-Bruc.  He’s the owner of Route 66…  I can’t even do it!

Fenton Family Dentistry

Lee: This is Jessica Neiva…  I spelled it wrong.

Jessica: N-I-E-V-A

Lee: N-I-E-V-A

Route 66 PromotionsLocal Small Business Bloopers and Fun Moments

Thomas:  You go from introducing me as the owner of Route 66 Promotions and then immediately ask about us starting in a garage.  People will wonder, “Why are you talking about a garage?”

Lee: That’s why I’m nervous!  He’s so experienced!  That’s why I’m nervous.  He’s watching me and judging me.

Thomas:  No! I’m just trying to help! I’m helping, I’m helping.

Lee:  I’m just teasing you.

The UPS Store

Scott: Hi, how are you doing?

Woman in the background: Hi! Good.  I just need to drop this package, butum, I need to tape it.  Do you have any tape?

Scott: Yes, we do.

Woman: Okay, thanks.

Lee:  We can cut it, that’s fine.

Route 66 Promotions

Thomas: I’m also the owner of Convo Relay Services.  We provide interpreting services nation wide through VRS.  Do you hear the dogs?  Pause for a minute.  Do you hear the dogs barking?  (pause)  Okay, okay.

The UPS Store

Scott: Yes, we do have a website here, and also a Facebook.  But one thing is, I have to admit it, I’m terrible on Facebook because I don’t really post anything or check it.  But I am better than I used to be.

Fenton Family Dentistry

Jessica:  Smile!

Lee:  Love you guys!


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