Route 66 Promotions Employee Satisfaction




Why did you join?

Lee: Why did you join the Route 66 team?

David: I’ve been here for about 2 ½ years.  I moved here from Buffalo, New York.  I didn’t have a job or know anything about the area when I got here.  Thomas was a friend and told me this job opportunity was available.  So I started in shipping.  I never thought I would be in a screen printing business.  But it was a job, a stable paycheck, something to help me get by.  I accepted the job for those reasons, but once I got into it I saw growth and opportunity.  We were helping the Deaf Community.  I grew up with Deaf parents, so that was something I was raised with.  I wanted to give back and make a difference in the world.  As I saw more growth, I noticed we weren’t just making a change, we were making an impact.  We give back, we provide jobs, we provide opportunity to those who love to see growth in themselves.  I have the opportunity to be here now because of that growth and expansion.

Matthew: When I first heard about this position at Route 66, I heard it was Deaf owned and Deaf run.  The opportunity allowed me to use my skills.  At my previous job, I worked with all hearing people.  All our communication was through email.  But I really just wanted to get something more out of my job.  I heard about the job position here and sent in my information.  They hired me!  And I’m really happy to be here.

Brandon: I really wanted to expand my experiences.  I’m a professional designer.  But I thought learning about screen printing would be a great experience to help me improve for the future.

Randy: Before I joined Route 66, I worked for a hearing company for about 3 ½ years in New York.  I specialized in screen printing.  I found this position, and thought about it awhile.  I knew I wanted to help build up the business using my experiences and specializations.  I wanted to develop the active marketing aspect of the company.  So that’s why I’m here giving what I can.

Route 66 Promotions Employee Satisfaction

Route 66 Promotions Employee Satisfaction

What do you like?

Lee: What do you like about working with Route 66?

David: I love this job because it’s different every day.  It’s the type of job that allows me to use my language every day.  I have access to communication and get to meet different people every day.  It’s not the same day in and day out.  I meet people who say all they do is monotonous office work.  But for us, yes, we do office work; some things are the same day in and day out.  But we’re always working on different projects!

Lee: Get out of the office and be with people.

David:  Right!  We get to travel, meet new Deaf people, hearing clients.

Randy: Everyone has their own role based on their skills.  Each designer has their own specialization.  Vinyl, finances, and so on.  My goal is to give the right task on a project to the right person who has that skill.  Then we are utilizing each person’s abilities to best we can to complete a product for each customer.

Matthew: Well the main answer to the question is access to communication.  If there is anything I need to know, I can ask someone.  I can get a clear explanation of things.  Or if we need, we have immediate access to interpreters to talk to customers.  And it’s always a positive experience going to work every day.

Brandon: One of the top things is of course the access to quick communication.  If something happens, we can all communicate with each other about what’s going on.

David: Adventure is always there so that’s nice.


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