UPS Additional Services Interview with MT&A

The UPS additional services interview with MT&A shows the versatility of Scott Campbell’s local small business in Olivette, MO. Thank you, Scott, for sharing more about what services you provide!


Scott: I wanted to share something else about our store here. We have many services other than just shipping offered here. I want to let you know what some of those are. We provide coloring and design services. We do notary public and stamps. We have mailbox services as well as faxing. And we also do paper shredding. There’s also a special professional packaging service that we offer for things such as furniture. These could be big or small items. There are many services we do here, and I feel most people think UPS only does shipping. But there’s a lot of other services we provide. If you would like to find more services we have to offer, you can look those up on our website.UPS Additional Services Interview



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