Sign Language Interpreting Service Quality

Do you rush to buy a cell phone that has suddenly had a price cut?  Potentially, if it’s well known for service; however, if service quality is uncertain you may be less likely to make the investment.  Wasting time is just as valuable a resource as money for individuals and businesses. Who wants to pay for something that doesn’t properly work or requires too much time to manage?  Take sign language interpreting service quality into consideration when hiring a firm.

How do you act as a customer?

When you have a negative experience, you’re more likely to post a review, tell your friends/family, and talk about it on social media then if you had a positive experience.  After all, you don’t want someone to make the same mistake you did.

You are not unique in this manner, and customers do the exact same thing when they experience your business.

Considering Sign Language Interpreting ServicesSign Language Interpreting Service Quality

Who you choose to serve your business is a direct reflection on your reputation; so if you care about your reputation, you should care about your service partners.  For example, if the sign language interpreting firm you hire fails to send a qualified interpreter or the interpreter is always late, then this reflects your standards.

It may be challenging to know what makes a reputable sign language interpreting companies.  Currently (October 2017), Missouri law does not monitor sign language interpreting businesses.  This means as a consumer, you’ll need to do your homework in order to hire a firm with sign language interpreting service quality.

Finding a St. Louis Interpreting Service

For the St Louis, MO area you should consider competitive base rates to be within 15% of a reputable competitor.  Out-of-state companies likely charge on an extreme scale.  Their rates are often too high or too low to meet local demands because their experience and knowledge is based on a different state or standard.  You should also expect a higher rate for specialty services (legal, mental health, after hours/weekends, conferences, performance/concerts/stage, or travel).  If the sign language interpreter(s) or sign language interpreting companies have rates vastly lower than other local companies, then you can assume any or all of the following:

  • Reduction in insurance liability, they do not hold insurance, or they do not insure all the interpreters under their business (employee/sub-contractors)
  • A less preferred/qualified/experienced interpreter
  • Lack of office staff or office staff training, which can be a headache with scheduling, managing logistics, or handling any concerns (ex. interpreters may not show up, interpreters may be late)
  • Lower quality companies or companies not knowledgeable about sign language interpreting (foreign language, out-of-state) will lower rates to gain business and add no value to your organization

Check out blogs in Additional Resources for more information about the direct impact of sign language interpreting services on a business reputation.

The impact of sign language interpreting service quality should not be underestimated.  Feel free to reach out to MT&A with questions about how to be sure the services you receive are exceptional.


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