The Value of Small Business Mentoring

Language Solutions, Inc.

Most new businesses open and close within the first five years of business (JP Morgan).  The value of small business mentoring is the most significant.  Mentoring assists a mentee in not making the mistakes of their mentor, giving the mentee immediate gain from the successes of their mentor without taking time to make mistakes themselves. One exceptional small business mentor in the St. Louis, MO metro area is Melissa Wurst with Language Solutions, Inc.

Language Solutions, Inc. is not only a successful translation and foreign language company but they also have a strong desire to care for their community.  Melissa Wurst, owner of Language Solutions, Inc in Clayton, MO (a suburb of St. Louis, MO), operates a thriving business and family life; but she also makes the time to mentor small businesses, in particular, women owned businesses.  She has a vision for excellence in her service business and shares it openly with her mentees.

Characteristics of a good mentor according to Forbes

Young professionals in this video suggest mentors who are:

  1. Ruthless
  2. Open-minded
  3. Personal connect
  4. Honest
  5. Available/Experienced/Successful
  6. Someone you could grab a beer with or sit across from in a conference room.

Characteristics of Melissa Wurst

Including the characteristics provided in the Forbes article, Melissa

  1. reviews a mentee’s small business and provides relevant applicable advice
  2. keeps track of what mentors are doing, giving them timely advice on business practices, good or bad
  3. advice/opinions without it being requested, like a secret shopper
  4. understands that not all suggestions fit a different business type/model, but respectfully expects mentees follow through on advice that she took the time to develop
  5. is active in the successes of her mentees

Follow Their Lead

Mentees should take the advice of their mentor and apply it the best they can to their business.  If mentees struggle with adapting advice to their business they should talk it over with their mentor. If the advice doesn’t work, that’s ok. A mentor’s time is valuable so it shouldn’t be wasted, and if the advice cannot be used, the Mentor knows that time was taken to consider it. The truth is the majority of advice from a mentor can be applied to a business and will be invaluable.

Be the Model of Language Solutions, Inc., Melissa WurstValue of Small Business Mentoring

There are not enough companies like Language Solutions, Inc. or people like Melissa Wurst in the small business world.  She takes to heart and lives out the concept of “giving back” to the business community she works in.

The value of small business mentoring cannot be appreciated until it’s put into place and given time to work.  If you’re thinking about being a small business mentor do it, and if someone asks you to mentor, say yes!  You won’t regret either position and you might just make a new friend or two.


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