MT & Associates, LLC Experiences That Girl Pearl Photography


MT&A had the opportunity in August to enjoy a photo session with That Girl Pearl Photography.  Unlike many photographers who pose everything, we asked Pearl to take as many candid shots as possible.  We had no idea she would take it to another level of professionalism and fun!

Working with Sign Language Interpreters

Pearl writes about the differences working with interpreters, and specifically working with MT&A:

“This photo session was a very humbling and moving experience for me. Inspiring sessions like this one remind me of the selfless people out there willing to dedicate their lives helping others. I am so beyond grateful to have a job where I get to be part of things I would have never been involved with before.”  Check out her full article at That Girl Pearl Photography.

During our photoshoot, we were constantly moving.  Beyond using sign language (and many of us sign very fast!), we were a highly energetic group and sometimes hard to wrangle.  Pearl was very tolerant and patient during the entire shoot.  Even though she was not familiar with sign, she instructed when to hold a sign or simply sign slower to get a good shot.  Even though this could have been awkward, she made it feel and look completely natural.

What Our Team Thought

That Girl Pearl Photography

Our team made some comments about their experience with Pearl:

“It is impossible for me to make a serious pose or simply ‘smile for the camera.’  I appreciated Pearl making me feel natural and pretty.  And on a personal note, she is very friendly and inquisitive.  I’m glad my sweat didn’t show in the pictures!  Thanks, Pearl.”

“I like that Pearl goes out of her way for a good shot.  She really focuses on what she thinks is unique about us, and she takes the whole photography experience to a new level.  For example, she spotted my small business bag and took a shot of me walking with it without me even knowing.  It also doesn’t matter where we are.  She is willing to lay on the ground or get in any spot to be sure the lighting is good.  She also works very quickly but is friendly at the same time.  Byy the end of the day, Pearl was trying to use hand gestures since all of us were signing because she really wanted to make everything clear for everyone.”

Pearl’s Professionalism

We were working on a short schedule in the evening and wanted to catch good light.  Pearl could not have been a better choice for our high demands.  She was able to quickly scan the scenery and sunlight and captured exciting pictures like the one below.

We also desired a jumping photo, and she indulged our imitation on the jumping shot from NBC’s The Office shown below.  Our experience was quite similar, and Pearl showed a lot of patience.

Thanks, Pearl, for making it an experience to remember for the MT&A Team!

That Girl Pearl Photography

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