Best Boss Award 2017 Goes to Shelly Tisius!Best Boss Award 2017 Goes to Shelly Tisius

We are proud to announce the Best Boss Award 2017 goes to Shelly Tisius, our very own beautiful and esteemed president and CEO at MT & Associates | Sign Language Interpreting Practice.  She was among ten (10) selected in the St. Louis area by SBM after a search for bosses and managers “who inspire, motivate, and positively challenge their teams not only to make them more productive but also make work more fun.”

Small Business Monthly (SBM) supports professional growth in the St. Louis area and features many different awards on an annual basis.

Best Boss: What It Takes

What does it take to first, have a team member/employee nominate you as best boss and second, to actually be chosen as a best boss out of all the nominations?  There must be something different, something inspiring.  This is not someone who controls or dictates how things will be done in their business.  This is someone who listens to ideas and encourages employees to use their strengths and pursue their ambitions.  They open the doors of opportunity and growth.

Check out here how to use active listening skills:

It was researched and discovered by the Harvard Business Review and Economist Intelligence Unit that centeredness was the one most necessary trait to be a great boss.  The very best bosses “play chess” instead of checkers.  They draw on the strengths of their employees instead of seeing them all the same. (How to Be an Inspiring Leader)

Shelly’s Nomination

The Best Boss Award 2017 goes to Shelly Tisius via SBM following their review of her traits and business practices.  She always puts people first and recognizes what is important in running a small business.  Check out some of what the nominating employee said about her.

As cliche as it may be, Shelly “practices what she preaches” more than anyone else I know.  She is extremely passionate about sign language interpreting and service to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities in all of Missouri.  She encountered unethical practices in the field and thus determined to establish a company dedicated to providing quality and ethical sign language interpreting services.  Deaf people throughout St. Louis and Missouri are frustrated daily by the poor quality of interpreters or lack thereof.  Shelly motivates me daily with her efforts to improve quality and availability of interpreters.

She named the company “Associates” with the goal of passionate interpreters working together to provide exceptional services.  Instead of feeling like a subordinate, I feel like a peer.  I respect Shelly as my boss, but she listens to me as a friend.  This makes for a collaborative and productive workplace every single day.

I could continue with a glowing recommendation for Shelly as “best boss.”  All interpreters who work under MT & Associates speak very highly of Shelly and her constant pursuit for excellence.  Her career goes far beyond a paycheck.  Her focus is on benefits for her employees, discounted community workshops, community outreach and events, and other community and company benefits.  She also volunteers her time to the Board of Committee of Interpreters (BCI) to have a greater impact in the community.  She works overtime selflessly every week, and I would be honored if you would choose her as “Best Boss” in the St. Louis area.

SBM August 2017 Edition

Shelly interviewed with SBM in July.  Her wisdom is featured in the August 2017 edition which highlights some of the area’s most encouraging bosses as nominated by their own employees and colleagues.  Check out the article yourself: SBM August Edition.  Heads up, these are “not your average bosses, they are the best in the region.”


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