CEU Requirements for Sign Language Interpreters

There are specific CEU requirements for sign language interpreters to maintain certifications and licenses whether they are state certified and/or nationally certified.  Missouri and Illinois both require a minimum of 20 hours of CEUs annually.

CEU Requirements for Sign Language InterpretersWhat is a CEU?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit.  They may also simply be called Continuing Education (CE).  Many professionals are required to receive them on a regular basis such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and counselors.  A single unit, represented as .1 CEU, equals 1 hour of educational instruction.  If a sign language interpreter has certification in Missouri and/or Illinois, they are required to receive 2.0 units per year.  If an interpreter has national certification (NIC), the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) requires 8.0 units per four (4) years.

What qualifies as a CEU?

CEU requirements for sign language interpreters in Missouri include specific regulations regarding education in ethics.  At least 0.2 units must be focused on learning about interpreter and professional ethics.

Other than the ethics CEUs, sign language interpreters may receive general studies (GS) or professional studies (PS) in any approved workshops, classes, or independent studies.  This may include college course work or mentorships approved by MCDHH, ICDHH, or RID.  Workshops and classes may be about about how to team with each other and how to better support the community.  They may also be about a specific field that may be interpreted including performance, business, legal, medical, mental health, or religious topics.

Where can I get CEUs?

Workshops may be completed in person or online.  Frequently sign language interpreters in Missouri attend workshops hosted by interpreting agencies or the MCDHH interpreter conference hosted annually in the fall.  Often interpreters use websites such as CEUs On the Go! and Signs of Development LLC.  Find additional links below.

When must I send in my CEUs?

Missouri requires interpreters to send in copied proof of their CEUs by November 1st of each year.


Sign language interpreters sometimes put off their CEU requirements till the last minute.  It is recommended that they instead plan ahead especially since a result of not receiving CEUs on time could result in license suspension.


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