Accepting Sign Language Interpreter Jobs through Healthcare Recruiters

A sign language interpreter job is posted and you are ready to work.  Should you be open to accepting sign language interpreter jobs through healthcare recruiters? Lately, we are seeing out-of-market companies (foreign language, healthcare recruiters) joining the sign language interpreting market.  At first, this was not viewed as a conflict.  Over time, however, the impact to Deaf clients and sign language interpreters has become more apparent.

Disadvantages of Healthcare RecruitersAccepting Sign Language Interpreter Jobs through Healthcare Recruiters

One advantage of working through a recruiter or out-of-market company is the instant gratification of work.  Unfortunately, this is usually accompanied with a lack of support in several ways.  For example, who do you speak with regarding ethical concerns, team interpreting, or time off from work?  We are finding that in environments where jobs are not established through a sign language interpreting firm that often interpreters are underpaid, not provided adequate on-the-job support, lack peer ethical support, do not have a team to back-fill them when they are off work, and are overall unhappy.  In fact, many of these sign language interpreters are leaving the field just after finally becoming established.  The St. Louis Deaf community is losing skilled interpreters at a rapid rate.  Additionally, healthcare recruiters are not likely keeping up with current laws and practices, and there are not able to provide guidance for the duration of your career.

It is not an intentional action on behalf of these out-of-market businesses.  It is just that they do not understand the unique business culture that is sign language interpreting, which in Missouri is ever-changing.

What to do other than Accepting Sign Language Interpreter Jobs through Healthcare Recruiters

Consider approaching your preferred sign language interpreting firm and asking they respond on your behalf. Sign language interpreter firms can respond with your best interest in mind and can ensure that you are supported throughout the duration of your employment.  Support can be in the way of ensuring that you are being utilized effectively with your sign language interpreting skills.  For example, a sign language interpreting firm can advocate if, for any reason, your being asked to uncomfortably step out of your role.  They also have a large staff to support you when you need it, and can ensure that there are no gaps in sign language interpreting services for the client.

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