Hire Sign Language Interpreters using Healthcare Recruiters

Recently, the St. Louis Missouri sign language interpreting market has seen an increase of job postings from unrelated markets.  Most recently our industry is seeing several job postings for businesses who want to hire sign language interpreters using healthcare recruiters. We discussed in our blogs why it is best to hire in your market of expertise.  This would also include healthcare recruiters and other people/businesses in areas of expertise who do not have a working knowledge of sign language interpreting or Deaf culture.

Hire Sign Language Interpreters through Healthcare RecruitersHiring Sign Language Interpreters

As a wise person once told me, “Why would you hire a head doctor for a knee problem?”  Healthcare recruiters, or recruiters in general, are great at recruiting; however, when a specialized skill needs to be evaluated and managed over time, such as with sign language interpreting, this is not a good fit.  Healthcare recruiters likely have training in healthcare fields, but hiring a sign language interpreter for elementary education is not related to the medical field in any way.

Interpreters should be hired based on several qualifications and have a certification and license to provide sign language interpreting services in the respective state.  These qualifications may vary per client, or business; therefore, utilize an expert in the area of expertise.  This is the only way to ensure that whomever is hired is a good fit, ethically and legally.

After hiring, management and quality control are also something that a reputable sign language interpreting firm can provide that a healthcare recruiter cannot.  There is also a concern when the hired interpreter is sick or on vacation and needs a sub, or there is a program that requires a team interpreter.  Sign language interpreting firms are able to provide a sub interpreter or a team interpreters, whereas a healthcare recruiter does not have access to a database of qualified interpreters.

For the state of Missouri, the sign language interpreting business and regulations surrounding sign language interpreters are changing all the time.  An expert 100% working in the field of expertise can keep you current, and a healthcare recruiter will not have the expert advise.  If you read a description of what healthcare recruiters do, it is based on healthcare careers.  There is no required knowledge or expertise of sign language interpreting or Deaf culture.

Impact on St. Louis Sign Language Interpreters

As we describe in our blog “Accepting Sign Language Interpreter Jobs through Healthcare Recruiters,” we describe this impact.  One large area of concern is a lack of support among educational and unsupported sign language interpreters in the St. Louis Metro area market.  In fact, many of these sign language interpreters are leaving the field just after becoming established.  Because of this, the St. Louis Deaf community is losing skilled interpreters at a rapid rate.

What is the advantage for you to hire sign language interpreters using healthcare recruiters?  We are not sure exactly.  The cost will be either equivalent or less than the cost of hiring a sign language interpreting firm, so why would you hire a “middle man” who just locates a person on your behalf?  It simply makes sense to hire a “knee doctor for a knee injury.”


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