Request a Sign Language Interpreter

Who Pays for a Sign Language Interpreter?

Request a Sign Language InterpreterThe first thing you need to know before you even request an interpreter is who pays for them?  The company or organization who is hiring the sign language interpreter is responsible for the cost. Similar to when your business requires a professional consultant or service (Accountant or Lawyer) providing a sign language interpreter is required under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).  This provides equal access, and it is just a cost of doing business.

How does interpreting services work?

A reputable sign language interpreting firm will gather information based on your specific request, then guide you through the process of scheduling.  Read more about hiring a sign language interpreting company.

Once an interpreter is secured they will arrive at the requested location at the time required.  Sign language interpreters usually “check in” with a point of contact (POC).  The POC usually acts as an escort or guide for the sign language interpreter, and is often the Deaf consumer who requires services.  On assignment, the sign language interpreter works as a “shadow” of the Deaf consumer.  They do this by staying with the consumer and voicing everything said in sign language, and putting in sign language everything that is voiced.  There are specific role expectations interpreters follow.

How much notice do you need to schedule a Sign Language Interpreter?

MT&A Sign Language Interpreters are the best in the business which means they are very popular.  We recommend that all sign language interpreting requests be made with at least 48 hours notice, and preferably up to two (2) or more weeks notice.  We understand that it is not always possible to schedule a sign language interpreter in advance.  We will work diligently to fill all sign language interpreting requests regardless of when they are made.  Our large staff usually can accommodate any sign language interpreting request made during non-peak days/times.

Due to the extra effort taken to fill “last minute requests,” scheduling a sign language interpreter with any firm and only providing them less than 24-36 hours notice will be subject to an emergency scheduling fee.

How do I request a Sign Language Interpreter?

MT&A sign language interpreting practice is here to help. Here is a PDF providing you guidance on proper etiquette when you request a sign language interpreter.  This guidance, and an attached form letter, should provide you what you need to advocate for sign language interpreting services.  This PDF pertains to scheduling sign language interpreters for a healthcare appointment.  With a few simple modifications it could also be used interchangeably in other settings where you would require sign language interpreting services.


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