Using a Sign Language Interpreter

What do sign language interpreting services cost?  Is it expensive?

Using a Sign Language InterpreterIn Missouri, sign language interpreters are a state regulated profession.  Due to the certification and licensure requirements sign language interpreters charge a professional wage and bill for their time.  This is similar to other specialized service professionals such as Accountants or Attorneys.  The value of a sign language interpreter is not considered expensive especially when considering ethical, legal, and financial repercussions of not providing them. Not providing a sign language interpreter carries much more risk than the cost of providing one.

How do I plan for the cost of sign language interpreting services?

MT&A is also a small business, and we understand the concerns of unexpected costs.  Sign language interpreting services are a cost of doing business, similar to the cost of using other specialized service providers.  We suggest that you contact your Accountant/CPA to ensure that funds are set aside to cover for unexpected expenses (ie: plumbers, sign language interpreters).

Contact MT&A to provide you guidance as well as an EBook with helpful information.  For example, some sign language interpreting services are tax deductible, and you may be eligible for a tax credit.

Industry Standards

When you hire an Interpreter you are “buying” their time.  Therefore, there is a two (2) hour minimum standard in the industry.  Other costs may include travel (sometimes referred to as portal or lost professional time), mileage, and other costs/fees that sign language interpreters incur while traveling.  There is also usually a charge for cancelling services.  Depending on the unique situation, the full cost or a partial cost of the services may be assessed.

MT & Associates Sign Language Interpreting recognizes there are various costs to consider when hiring a sign language interpreting firm. It is important to remember the benefits outweigh the cost, and the liability or harm to Deaf consumers is much greater.  Check out our blog if you want more information about hiring a reputable interpreting firm.




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