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It’s a new era of business, and businesses (small and large) are adapting to their employees/contractors now more than ever before.  In recent years, we have seen companies such as Google appealing to their employees by offering on-the-job perks.  Businesses who wish to accommodate their employees/contractors must become creative.  But once barriers are removed, employees/contractors can simply focus on their jobs. Look at UBER Deaf friendly contractor opportunities.

UBER Deaf Friendly PartnershipUBER Deaf Friendly

Some businesses feel wary about hiring Deaf employees/contractors due to the unknown, but not UBER.  UBER is not only innovative with their business practices, but also with their contractors.  UBER drivers/contractors are known as partners.  UBER’s work with the National Association for the Deaf (NAD) and with Deaf partners has enabled them to expand their Deaf workforce.

UBER Deaf Friendly App

Originally, the UBER app was not considered Deaf friendly.  Instead of excluding Deaf partners, UBER adapted their technology to meet the needs of Deaf partners.  The video below highlights Larry, an UBER partner, and his experience working with UBER.  It also showcases UBER’s newer features added in order to accommodate Deaf partners. For example, when someone orders an UBER they will be notified that their driver is Deaf, and that they need to communicate through text messaging.  Additionally, the app has other visual alerts that appeal to a Deaf user.

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UBER continues to improve their platform to stay current for Deaf partners.  They even host a focus group with some of their Deaf partners twice a month.  The focus group discusses how UBER can continue to remain Deaf friendly.

UBER Safety for Deaf Partners

At a recent meeting held for the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH), Deaf Missouri drivers raised concerns for their safety if their deafness was acknowledged publicly (for example via a license plate).  UBER is an ideal option in that manner, because:

  1. Each rider must be approved through several forms of verification
  2. The driver can choose whether or not they want to pick up an approved rider
  3. If a driver does well, a rider can rate them higher
  4. All trips are tracked, so in the event something out of the ordinary occurs UBER keeps record
  5. Drivers can alert UBER if they have been in an accident


Ease of being an UBER Partner

Additionally, the process of becoming a partner is straightforward and can be done electronically.  This means the likelihood of requiring a sign language interpreter not be necessary. UBER invites partners to speak with an UBER representative if they have any concerns, but this is not required to become a partner.

To be considered you must:

  1. Have a valid driver’s license
  2. Have vehicle registration
  3. Have vehicle insurance
  4. Have a vehicle free of defects, and the model year must be 2004 or newer
  5. And complete a thorough background check.


A driver’s/partner’s pay is fair, roughly 75-80% of collected fees plus the convenience of working whenever they want.  UBER is proof that it is easy to adapt to the needs of Deaf partners/contractors and that any business can do the same for their employees.


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