Hiring a Sign Language Interpreter for Open Enrollment

It is that time of year again for open enrollment!  Your benefits package is what sets you apart from the competition.  You and your employees work hard, and you are devoted to ensuring benefits.  It is no secret that happy employees are more productive and assist in the overall morale of your business.  So ensuring that your employees get a full experience and access to your benefits package is critical.

Sign language interpreter and open enrollment

ADA Requires Equal Access

Since most Deaf and hard of hearing consumers utilize sign language as their first language, under the ADA many businesses will be required to provide sign language interpreters.  Sign language interpreters are essential for business activities ranging from training to meetings, such as open enrollment.  It is the law.  But why is it also in the best interest of your business to hire a sign language interpreter?

Clear Communication for Appropriate Benefits

Providing sign language interpreters ensures that Deaf employees are able to equally experience the benefits package that your business has carefully selected.  Accurate sign language interpreting services are vital to any platform.  On the topic of open enrollment, it is common to have variances or changes in plans annually.  This can be confusing and complicated.  If clear communication and understanding does not take place, it could mean that your Deaf employees and their families enroll in a plan that doesn’t meet their needs.

Miscommunication often occurs when using written English or lip-reading.  The plan may be either financially too expensive, or it doesn’t match their needs at all.  Most benefits are not able to be modified again until the next open enrollment unless there is a major life change.  It is detrimental to the lives of your Deaf and hard of hearing employees and their families if they sign up for incorrect benefits.

Hire a Qualified Interpreter and Firm

Sign language interpreting is a skill.  Just because an interpreter is certified and licensed does not necessarily mean that they are qualified to interpret the complexities of changing benefits.  Hiring a sign language interpreter who is knowledgeable and experienced can partner with your company to ensure that clear communication takes place.  For information on hiring an interpreter, visit our blog Hiring a Reputable Sign Language Interpreting Company.

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